One of the first innovation zones established in Québec, the Quantum Sherbrooke Innovation Zone aims to develop an innovation ecosystem around a high-potential sector, quantum technologies.

In consultation with private and public stakeholders, Quantum Sherbrooke is working to increase synergy between research, innovation, industry, and training to accelerate the commercialization of products and services, their adoption by companies here and around the world, and the creation of high-value enterprises.

This will all be harmoniously implemented in the heart of an attractive and sustainable living environment.

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What Is an Innovation Zone?

Under the leadership of the Gouvernement du Québec, innovation zones call on different socio-economic stakeholders—companies, economic development organizations, research and teaching institutions, and municipalities—to collaborate around the technology sectors of the future.

The objective: Attract talent, entrepreneurs, major prime contractors, and researchers from Québec and elsewhere, to delineated geographic territories, locating industrial, entrepreneurial, knowledge-based, connected, and collaborative activities in a diversified environment conducive to quality of life and well-being.

Creating world-class innovation zones thus aims to increase the commercialization of innovations, exports, local and foreign investment, and business productivity.

Adapted from the Gouvernement du Québec


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Our Partners

Cegep de Sherbrooke

CEGEP de Sherbrooke

The largest French-speaking CEGEP located outside of Montreal and Quebec, Cégep de Sherbrooke educates students in various fields of study, both in regular and continuing education, and actively participates in the development of the region by contributing to the vitality of organizations and businesses.
Centre 24-Juin

Centre 24-Juin

As part of the Innovation Zone, the Centre de formation professionnelle 24-Juin of the Centre de services scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke uses its expertise to offer cutting-edge vocational training in the industrial and entrepreneurship sectors.